Biography - Who I Am


I've had a fascination and admiration for photography since I was a child.

We didn't have a lot of family pictures displayed in my home when I was young, so I made myself a promise; that when I became an adult, I would always have pictures in my house and the easiest way to do that was to take them myself.

I started out, like a lot of photographers, shooting 35mm film; and I still do. When I shoot film, my camera of choice is Pentax. I believe film photography "forces you to be good" or at the very least, careful. I have been primarily shooting digital for the last several years. I started out using a Nikon Coolpix 3100 point & shoot digital camera, and I still use an updated version for personal shots.

I have since graduated to a Nikon D80 (2013). However, I still use my Nikon D50 (March 2007) and a Nikon D40 (March 2008). I try to use a "film mentality" when I shoot digital images. What that means is, I try to "make my shots count"; eventhough, I know I can "delete the bad ones" and shoot again. My goal is to avoid "digital photography-itis" (i.e. getting too lazy and just shoot "anything" because I know I can always delete it).

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